Shared Ignorance

This blog by Sherwood “Woody” Belangia is a preparation for his book on Plato’s Republic, which will be what he calls a “defective reading” of the text. By defective he means that his study of the text is not actually about the text but about his real object of interest (and, in his opinion’s, Plato’s) […]

Association Recherches Mimétiques

A French-language group established in 2006 (with Girard himself as its President of Honor), this site is dedicated to promulgating international research into mimetic theory in the French language. It is, in our opinion, the go-to resource in French for all things related to Girardian studies. In 2008, this organization partnered with Peter Thiel’s foundation […]

Mimetic Theory of René Girard and Asian Culture

The thought of Girard is beginning to infiltrate Asian countries. This is the site of Korean professor Ilkwaen Chung, for example, who have begun to explore the origins of Buddhist through the lens of Girardian theory. He asks many fascination questions like, “Is Buddha a scapegoat?” Professor Chung is perhaps the foremost Girardian scholar in […]

Mimetics: A Blog About René Girard and the Mimetic Theory

The best blog about Girard available in Brazil (a Portuguese-language blog) covering all things, including a nice description of Girard. Most South American countries have heavily Marxist strains running through the cultures, which Girardian theory can go a long way toward explaining. (Along with the West’s own self-hatred.) If that’s confusing, read on. Visit Mimetics

The Raven Foundation

The Raven Foundation was established by Keith and Suzanne Ross to advance the spread of mimetic theory in popular culture outside of academic circles. The Raven Foundation has re-branded itself with a religious bent as a welcoming place for those who don’t feel at home in any organized religion. They promote peace in religion, relationships, […]

The Premier Foundation for Girard

The premier foundation for Girard in the United States, established by Peter Thiel, Girard’s most famous student at Stanford. Imitatio is made up of Girardian scholars who have a special interest in furthering biblical Girardian studies through various programs and initiatives. The premier foundation organization makes small grants to support research into Girardian studies. Imitatio’s […]

Girard Studiekring: Dutch Girard Society

This is the website for the Girardian society in the Netherlands. This group is associated with the “Free University” in the country. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (abbreviated as VU, VU Amsterdam, “Free University Amsterdam”) is a university in Amsterdam, Netherlands, founded in 1880, often ranking among the world’s top 100 universities.  A group of scholars and students there have banded together to […]

Girard and Comics: Reading Comics Through Mimetic Theory

Comics are a mimetic medium. BOM. BAM. POW. The actions not only activate mirror neurons, but the very structure of comic book desire is set-up in a mimetic fashion: it is set around a rivalry, which escalates until their a typically mimetic conclusion. This website is a fascinating look at the mimetic nature of comics. […]

180 Rule: Examining Psychopaths Through the Lens of Girardian Theory

In a society that is filled with the evil of abuse, it is hard to understand the thinking behind this pathological behavior. Skylar, the founder of 180 Rule writes on the application of Mimetic Theory in understanding what motivates psychopaths to behave in the way that they do. He is on a mission to shed […]