The Premier Foundation for Girard

The premier foundation for Girard in the United States, established by Peter Thiel, Girard’s most famous student at Stanford. Imitatio is made up of Girardian scholars who have a special interest in furthering biblical Girardian studies through various programs and initiatives. The premier foundation organization makes small grants to support research into Girardian studies.

The Premier Foundation

Imitatio’s stated goals are:

  • Pursue research and application of mimetic theory across the social sciences and critical areas of human behavior
  • Support the education and development of the next generation of scholars leveraging mimetic theory
  • Further the dissemination, translation and publication of key works incorporating mimetic theory
Thiel Foundation

It is made up of an Advisory Board that includes René Girard, Robert Hamerton-Kelly, James Alison, Jean-Pierre Dupudy, William A Johnsen, Andrew J. McKenna, and Wolfgang Palaver.

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