Compassion Or Apocalypse?: A Comprehensible Guide to the Thought of Rene Girard – by James Warren

Apocalyptic Future, Warren’s written a gem, a much-needed “comprehensive” guide to Girard’s thought. It does an excellent job of starting “in the beginning,” with Genesis, and moving all the way through what Girard worried would be a man-made apocalypse. The table of contents is sweeping:


Chapter 1: Mimesis and Desire
Chapter 2: Mimesis in Genesis 2 and 3
Chapter 3: Scandal and Desire in the Gospels

Apocalyptic Future


Chapter 4: Sacrifice, Founding Murder, and the Scapegoat Mechanism
Chapter 5: Mimesis, Rivalry, and Rounding Murder in Genesis
Chapter 6: The Primitive Sacred and the Hebrew Scriptures in Travail
Chapter 7: Mythology
Chapter 8: The Gospel Revelation of Myth and Murder

Part III: Compassion of Apocalypse

Chapter 9: The Gerasene Demoniac
Chapter 10: The Apostle Paul
Chapter 11: Paradigm for a New Humanity
Chapter 12: Apocalyptic Future and the Contemporary Situation


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