Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary – Paul Nuechterlein

Paul Nuechterlein, a well-known theologian, started Girardian Reflections with a passion for spreading a message of justice and peace. In a world filled with hostility, Nuechterlein dives into how desire can play a major roll in this continuous battle.

Paul Nuechterlein

With René Girard’s Mimetic Theory at the forefront of his analysis, Nuechterlein conducts seminars in Discipleship and Mimetic Theory to adequately train his audience on the “politics of justice.”

Nuechterlein states that this website is his way of giving an “anthropological perspective” into human violence and how Christians should respond. Nuechterlein encourages his readers to look at Sunday scripture with this perspective to fully understand it not only in a theological sense but also in an anthropological one.

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